Test of a True Leader

Organizational Leadership can take many forms viz: market leadership, innovation etc. All these leaderships are mostly transitory. However commanding a leadership position on values and ethics is permanent and this requires strong conviction and commitment. This is the only leadership position that will not get dislodged.

"Today, given the bad examples of business scandals and executive greed, we need role models who can inspire up-and-coming leaders and also show those who have already made it to the top the worth of continued honesty and integrity. Values aren't to be conveniently molded to fit particular situations. They are indelibly etched in our very beings as natural impulses that never go stale or find themselves out of style" from the book, Winners Never Cheat-Even in Difficult Times by Jon M. Huntsman, where he has demonstrated how one can follow one's moral compass and reap personal and professional success.

Are you willing to make a difference?

Benefits to Job Seeker

    • No legal right of the job seeker or the employer is ever compromised.

    • Complete confidentiality of both the job seeker as well as the employer is maintained.

    • This is a pure transactional site, and hence has no advertisements streaming on the site.

    • The portal is SSL certified for security.

    • There is not a job portal and hence does not operate in the recruitment space, and does not collect or store skill details.

    • No fee is payable by the job seeker to the portal for availing the services.

  • For companies, who do not give a proper release letter, job seekers can use the portal to route their resignations and thus be able to produce an experience certificate, provided they had accepted their employer's offer through the portal. They can also claim a high Ethics score and Credibility Index, if they have acted professionally with all their employers in the past. The portal provides an independent & confidential attesting & authentication service to the job seekers who have received job offers made by prospective employers.

  • The current practice is that, candidates accept multiple employment offers but obviously cannot honour all of them. The offers that they do not honour automatically lapse, but in the process the credibility of the job seeker gets eroded. The general perception in the West is that the Indian workforce cannot be trusted, as they do to stick to their word.

  • Usually candidates find it embarrassing to communicate their regret to those employers who have made them a job offer. This is typical human psychology, since we, Indians do not want to give the bad news directly. This proposed solution obviates this problem to a large extent.

  • The candidate, who has received the offer and wishing to accept the same, has to login to the portal and avail the facility to generate an offer "Acceptance certificate". At the time of generating an acceptance certificate, the system also generates a regret message for those employers, whose offer could not be accepted by the job seeker. The regret message is bland and does not mention any employer's name

Benefits to Employer

The employers suffer a huge loss of lead time because of "No Shows" on the day of joining after the offers have been accepted. Every employer at some point of time has been at the receiving end and has suffered because of the "No shows". Currently employers, circumvent this by rolling additional offers, with the assumption that some may not finally turn up. If all turn up, many employers find creative ways to reduce the higher off take, by letting go of employees in the pretext of "under performance" or punishment assignments.

Employers can use the portal to get firm offer acceptances after releasing a mutually agreed job offer. The numbers of offers made to acceptances increase with a fewer "No Shows", helping the employer to plan better and thus keep a lower bench. BPO's have found the feature of flagging "Absconding" cases useful, where new employees vanish after a few days on the job.

Social Enterprise

Corporates (Employers) need to subscribe to this service. This cooperative model ensures confidentiality of all parties and yet strives to achieve the objectives. The ultimate success of this model will come about only when all corporates, who target the same candidate pool, subscribe, creating a win-win situation for all employers. However employer registration is also a structured process and relies on some sound corporate status. This is to ensure that unscrupulous companies/employers do not misuse this portal.

While rolling out offers to candidates, employers must insist to get the "Authentication Certificate" from the portal to consummate the employment contract.

The portal acts like a "black box" wherein the employers roll out job offers through the system and seek acceptance of the offer made. This secure portal ensures complete confidentiality of the job seeker and the employer.

iAccept is the ONLY portal bridging the gap between employers and job seekers with a secured and reliable, independent 3rd party authentication service. The portal facilitates in generating "Offer Acceptance Certificate", "Employment Confirmation Letter", "Service Letter" and "Relieving Letters" for Job Seekers and Employers, who subscribe to the "Code of Ethics".