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iAccept Softwares is a Bangalore based product company having a suite of platforms catering to the Employer-Employee relationships which gets created, before an individual takes up employment or after leaving employment. Having received the patent for iAccept, company diversified into other products that seamlessly integrate multiple people process solutions thus enhancing productivity for organizations significantly.

As an Organization, we have a stringent, robust and safe information and data management web-portals in line with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security & Management Systems) and is also a DIPP recognized start-up. In 2016, it received the ISBA National award for Innovation .

Our Products



iVisit is an integrated mobile app, which is used by the employer & employee. It has 2 modules:


  1. Halts: This is for Field officers to report their various site visits. The app captures the date, time & location of the visit and the duration of time spent at every site. This also enables the field officers to record notes and upload pictures from site.
  2. Patrol: This is for guards posted at sites. The guards, while patrolling touch various points (call pit stops which are prefixed). During a patrol, called a beat, they touch various pitstops.



This AI-driven system ensures the highest level of accuracy and security, making sure the proof of address is reliable for employers and institutions.


Unlike the manual verification that happens in conventional processes, which is not foolproof, iReside adopts a continuous monitoring system , enabling generation of address proof certificate at different intervals like: 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 60 days or 3 months as the case may be.



Ideal for industrial / commercial setup. Receptionist or Duty guard can capture photos and videos of visitor entry, reinforcing safety measures and maintaining a comprehensive record of visits.


It alerts the intended recipients about visitor requests, allowing them to approve visits and take necessary actions promptly. The App enables visitors to quickly record their purpose of visit using voice input, reducing paperwork and time spent at the entrance. The App helps keeping track of all vehicles entering the premises, automatically recording visits based on vehicle number recognition.

Advisory Board


Kalyan Banerjee

Zac Thomas

Avinash Pai

Dr.Subhojit Chakraborty


B Mohan Kumar

Founder & CEO


Information Security Policy

We at iAccept Software Pvt Ltd., value our customers and ensure utmost confidentiality of all Customer information.
Also we respect individual privacy and protect personal information. To this extent we have implemented system and process to ensure the said objective is met.

  • The security policy ensures that:
    • Information will be protected against any unauthorized access.
    • Confidentiality of information will be assured.
    • Integrity of information will be maintained.
    • Availability of information for business processes will be maintained.
    • Regulatory requirements will be met.
    • Business continuity plans will be developed, maintained and tested.
    • Information security training will be available to all employees.
    • All suspected or actual information security breaches will be reported to the Chief Information Security Officer and will be thoroughly investigated.
  • Procedures exist to support the policy, including virus control measures, passwords and continuity .
  • Business requirements for availability of information and systems will be met.
  • The Chief Information Security Officer is responsible for maintaining the policy and providing support and advice during its implementation.
  • All functional heads are directly responsible for implementing the policy and ensuring staff compliance in the respective areas.
  • Compliance with the Information Security Policy is mandatory.

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